3G Connection Fix

Help your phone switch from Wifi to 3G. 3G Connection Fix is a simple tool to automatically work around a known problem on some phones where automatic switching from Wifi to 3G/packet data does not always work.

Permissions Explained

3G Connection Fix Donate
  • READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY: This is to check if a phone call is active before attempting to activate the workaround.
  • PREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING: To minimize the disruption to the network service 3G Connection Fix waits to see if the phone will switch to 3G data without disrupting the network connection. To do this it needs to keep the phone from going back to sleep for a short period.
  • MODIFY GLOBAL SYSTEM SETTINGS: This is used to put the phone into flight mode.
  • CONTROL VIBRATOR: Notification option.
  • VIEW NETWORK STATE: Required to check the state of the networks to see if the workaround needs to be activated.
3G Connection Fix Free
  • Same as for 3G Connection Fix Donate, plus
  • FULL INTERNET ACCESS: Required for ads in the Preferences screen
  • ACCESS COARSE LOCATION: Provides coarse location information for analytics purposes

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