Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Version: 1.0.1 for 3G Connection Fix

I have just updated 3G Connection Fix on the android market to version 1.0.1.

What's New:
3G Connection Fix Free:
  • New permission: INTERNET - required for Ads
  • Added Ads to the Free version (on the "Preferences" screen). If you do not want Ads then consider using "3G Connection Fix Donate" (no Ads).
  • Defect 0001: Fixed a rare defect related to retrieving network state.

3G Connection Fix Donate:
  • Defect 0001: Fixed a rare defect related to retrieving network state.

To get the Free or Donate (no Ads) version, click here:
Get it on Google Play


  1. I have a 3Gtablet ZTPAD android 4.0.3 but it don t work help me please

  2. The 3g connection don t work on my ZTPAD android 4.0.3 help me

  3. Does the manual "fix now" button on the preferences screen reset your network connection?

  4. Hello man, first of all, thanks for taking the time to make this tool for solving the very annoying 2207 problem..
    I have a motorola milestone 3 (android 2.3.6) and your app installed. The manual "fix now" button does the job, it resets the network connection and fixes my 3g by turning on and off the airplane mode.

    The problem im having is with the automatic option, it does never do it on its own. Im the whole day with wifi at my job, but when i get out, it doesnt get fixed unless I press the manual "fix now" button, or do the airplane mode thing by myself..

    I would appreciate if you could find a solution for that, actually im in an android forum and there are lot of other mm3 users with the same problem and we all think yours will be the final solution! The people from google doesnt seem to read any of the requests hundreds of people have done about this issue..

    thanks in advance,

  5. Pablo - can you email me direct using the email address at the top right of this blog? Can you also email me a link to the forum post you refer to?